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Learn more about the ingredients we use


We are committed to use only natural wax that is sustainable produced. All our waxes are sourced from United Stated except Coconut Wax that is imported from the Philippines. 

Because we care about the environment and we love the hard working bees we made sure that the beeswax we use is sustainable produced and certified organic. 

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All our natural fragrances are created by master perfumers in the USA and are made from natural materials and extracted from natural chemicals. ISO 9235 certified.


The essential oils we use are high quality and tested by a 3rd party for purity. While we try to source as many essential oils from United Stated there are some special one that available only in certain countries.

Image by Masaaki Komori


While some of our candles are 100% natural, and have a more discreet scent, we know that our customers love candles that bring more fragrance to a room. That is why we ask our perfumers to create phthalate free and paraben free fragrances for our candles, so you can enjoy your candles knowing it was created using only the best ingredient and without harmful chemicals.


While the wax and fragrances play an important role in a candle, the wick is the "cherry on top". Our wicks are 100% cotton made in United States of America and hand waxed by us. To ensure a clean and proper burn the wick should be cut to 1/4in every time the candle is relit. After a couple of hours the wick may need to be recut.

Cotton Threads